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Thanks you my friend. 

VietNamese's game?

Yes my friend.


Tớ share cho mọi người nhé:>

Hi, Cảm ơn bạn nhiều.

Very spooky game.  I feel like the audio could be improved, especially the footsteps sounds, but overall I'm having a good time with it.  

Thanks you. i will try to improve it. Thanks for playing my game.


Thanks you.

I will fix the bug soon. Thanks for playing my game.

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Dashie plays it about 9:12 into the video his Twitter is @dashiexp

Thanks you.

no problem 👍🏻

Their's still a few bugs in the update but still not bad at all, keep up the great work

Thanks you.

Hehe i will try to fix it.

I recommened you should pick up the flash light or use the night vision. You almost find the way out. The gas is on the right side of the house. I added more lock doors so it would be more confused likelihood in horror game... sorry about that.

Man this game deserves much more recognition, I like it a lot. Definitely a ton better than my horror games 😂.

Thanks you.

I think you just need to put more effort into it. And somedays you will make a better game. Be positive and creative my friend. 😁

Good trailer :))

Thanks you.

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Thanks you.

This is a really cool game, just needs a few tweaks here and there.

Thanks you.

I will try to improve it.

Thanks for spending time to play my game. :D

This game probably looks nice, but I only got to see a little bit of it since the flashlight batteries only last mere seconds. They need a MUCH longer lifespan. The constant darkness ruins the game. And that gun is the worst I've ever seen. You can shoot someone if you're the luckiest person in the world, but skill will not help you land a shot even if you and the enemy are standing still. My video shows all kinds of madness. Sorry, just being honest.


Thanks you

It's okay. I will working on the gun and the light in the game. Thanks you very much for playing my game.

nice trailer, do you have paypal?

Thanks you.

Yes, It's in the download section. You can donate as many as you like. 

is there a notifier? i cant wait for next patch XD

You could follow me for more details.

The gameplay is good but i think you need more storyline.

Thanks you. 

As i mentioned before, this is just a demo for my final year project.

I will release a new version on the end of this year.

Hi there, MinhNguyen35, your game looks pretty cool to be honest! Darnkness and mystery drag you into the game. Once your work is over, I'm quite sure the result will be worth it. If you happen to make it glogal, feel free to write me a message. I'm all ears to localise your work!! I am a professional Video Game Localiser. Supergooooddd luck!

Awesome game, nice game concept, will donate 👌👌👌

Thanks you very much.... :)

Nice game. Can i have the music from the trailer?

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Thanks for playing my game. If you want it. Please contact me through And please remember to share this game to others.

Thanks you.

Good Game

Thanks you. If you need anything in the game, feel free to ask